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Summer is the most favorite time of the year for all the children of the world. Great, school holidays! Travel and exciting excursions. Everyday is a holiday.  

May the Sun always be

May the Sky always be 

May the Mom always be

May I always be...

I have prepared, tested and conducted new exciting children's tours and excursions. Everyone likes...


Hello August! Rainy July is gone. I continue to conduct excursions and tours in Moscow, the Moscow region and the cities of the Golden Ring on comfortable and premium cars.

New excursions have been launched - my author's projects for the top new buildings in Moscow. Clients are interested not only to see and feel everything live on the spot, but also to receive up-to-date information from an independent expert. There are new proposals for tours and working questions regarding the organization of excursions. I will improve everything.  


05.07.2023.     I started preparing material for an exciting tour of Moscow "The First & The Most". The car tour and excursions will focus on objects that are the only and unique, the most advanced and the best, or the most backward and the worst. The tour will include the best elements from my other current tour programs.     


02.08.2023.       "Moscow - City", one of the most popular objects among government agencies and various public services, businessmen, media and public figures, tourists and guests of the capital, became the most popular tourist complex among "uninvited guests" in early August. Stories of drone raids will be included in the tour programs of various tour operators and companies. Working. 

JULY 2023

July came quickly. I continue to conduct excursions and tours in Moscow, the Moscow region and the cities of the Golden Ring on my comfortable and premium cars.

I plan to test two new city tours, to please customers and to work out various logistics options in Moscow. The navigator in the center of Moscow almost doesn't work, so I plan all tours and excursions in advance, carefully study the routes, parking lots and recreation areas. 


10.07.2023.       In the children's excursion program "Summer & Childhood", in August, one more option for a possible continuation of the second part will be added. There will be a third option - a visit to the children's park "Dream Island". Now only two options are available: Moskvarium and Kids World (Central Children's World). I started to form a model and in the near future I will test it with children and parents. Working.


07.07.2023.       Ivan Kupala (Midsummer Day, Yarilino walk, Ivan Travnik). July 7 is one of the most cheerful and cheerful holidays among the Eastern Slavs. It is dedicated to the summer solstice and the most magnificent and exuberant flowering of Nature. The name of Ivan Kupala is consonant with the name of John the Baptist, since the verb "bath" in Old Slavonic means a ritual bath in an open reservoir.


05.07.2023.       New excursion "Mikhail" from the series "Names of Russia". The meaning and sacred essence of the name Michael. The important historical role of the famous sons of Russia, a creative contribution to the strengthening and development of the Homeland and the capital of the Russian World.


04.07.2023.       Alice in Wonderland Day is celebrated annually in honor of one of the world's most beloved and creative children's books. Its date is July 4 because on that day in 1862 Lewis Carroll began telling the story of Alice to Henry Liddell's three daughters. Today, a tasting tour of fabulous Moscow restaurants with magic mushrooms and author's dishes.

JUNE 2023

Here comes the calendar summer. Hot time of holidays, rest, new meetings and acquaintances. And I continue to conduct already worked out classic excursions and tours, finalize and test new projects. Everything is going according to plan, especially since I work on the ground and do not reach for the stars. I charge my clients with a healthy positive and faith in a wonderful future.


21.06.2023.       International solstice day. Solstice - an astronomical event, the highest and lowest position of the Sun relative to the celestial equator in the apparent annual movement of the Sun along the ecliptic. The summer solstice is the longest day (with the shortest night) of the year.


12.06.2023.       Day off! On Russia Day, celebrations, including promotions and marathons, are held in almost all cities of the country. The main venue for the celebration in the capital is Red Square, and in St. Petersburg, Cathedral Square of the Peter and Paul Fortress.


01.06.2023.       I'm launching a new excursion and a new tour on Children's Day. An interesting and multi-variant excursion program "Summer & Childhood" for children and parents. A new exciting two-day tour "Children's Weekend 2" for boys and girls.