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Hello! I welcome everyone to my website marshruta.ru

I'm VIT  ALEX. I invite all interested parties to cooperate and create joint projects within the framework of the tourism business, excursion programs, facsinating car walks and professional business presentations.

My specialization: car excurtions / tours in Moscow and the Moscow region, exciting tours around the cities of the "Russian Golden Ring". I am a professional manager, leader and driver guide. I served, completed assignments, studied and worked in different climatic zones, countries and continents: the Northern Navy USSR (Arctic Hills and almost the entire Kola Peninsula), the USA (from the Pacific to the Atlantic), Japan and China (high-speed routes, jungles and steppes) , Africa (several countries), Australia (coast and desert), European Union, UAE and some islands.

Now for excursion programs and tours I use comfortable Skoda Kodiaq crossovers and premium Mercedes S-Class sedans. For a long period of my life, I worked exclusively with foreigners in various sectors of the economy and business, and also conducted excursions in English. For Russians, I conducted corporate tours in NY and LA, and for Americans, professional tours of beautiful night Moscow and the Moscow region.

Now, I work, provide services in the tourism and excursion business as a "self-employed" entrepreneur under the brand name "MARSHRUT A".

I develop, plan, organize and conduct excursions in accordance with the rules of project management according to international standards. I know very well the automotive and transport logistics of Moscow and the Moscow region, that's why my car excursions and tours are practically without traffic jams and without unplanned adventures. I've got a good education, including business education, erudition and analytical skills, a serious passion for the official and alternative history of Russia and the World allow me to conduct interesting excursions and exciting tours.

Russian            +7 925 556 39 26

English             +7 925 556 39 26

WhatsApp     +7 929 544 19 88

For the main traditional excursions, I have prepared a number of author's tours and excursion programs. My hobby has become my job. At the moment I offer 32 excursions and tours. New tour routes in the following areas: Real Estate & Room Tours (residential, commercial and industrial real estate), Moscow restaurants (gastronomic tours and gastroshopping, haute cuisine and top restaurants), excursions and presentations at production facilities and infrastructure facilities, both for Russian and for foreign partners and guests.

I'm always ready for new projects!

Business excursions and tours.

Organization and holding of corporate and specialized excursions. Accompanying clients at exhibitions and shows in Russian and English.   



Moscow - The Center of management and decision-making in all areas in the foreseeable historical past and present.

Moscow - The Main Historical Center: management of politics, economy, business, science, culture and religion.


Cooperation & Consulting


Development, planning, support and conduct of excursions, tourist routes and walks.


Meetings, seeing off and accompanying clients during visits to exhibitions, forums, shows, events and presentations.


Preparation, holding presentations and excursions at enterprises, at areas and facilities of corporate clients.