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Car tour "Seven Sisters" - seven famous Stalinist skyscrapers. Seven architectural masterpieces, seven city-forming engineering complexes - a new world level of the last twentieth century. The tour includes an overview of seven famous complexes, as well as an overview of new skyscrapers built in modern Russia. An overview of buildings, structures, logistics and transport solutions that were built almost simultaneously with skyscrapers in a single architectural project and ideological solution. Overview of sights, planned, existing infrastructure of the districts and the location of seven historical complexes of Moscow.

The history of the emergence and implementation of a grandiose plan that was supposed to radically change the face of the capital of the Russian World. History of creation and stages of construction of each skyscraper. Myths, legends and esotericism.

The Seven Sisters are a historical, cultural and architectural value, their importance and role in the history, in the present and in the future of Moscow.

The influence of the political system and system, the role of the leaders of the capital and the state on the development and architectural appearance of Moscow, Russia and the Russian World.

The life and operation of buildings in various periods, from the middle of the last century to the present day.

Parallel solutions, alternatives, urban planning and architectural appearance, transport infrastructure and logistics of Moscow for a hundred years.

The excursion program has a car and foot part, while sightseeing, visiting several viewing platforms, cafes, toilets and places of rest. The guide accompanies all visited sights with a narration guided by the official, historical chronology of dates and events.

I will do my best to create a good mood and friendly atmosphere. I will tell you and answer questions in detail, I will try to leave pleasant impressions about Moscow, about its history and create good memories in the future about an interesting excursion in Moscow. 


The tour can start and end at any point and anywhere in Moscow, Moscow region, at any Moscow airport, at any Moscow railway station, at any bus station and river port, at the request of customers.

The beginning of the tour and the sequence of the review of architectural sights depends on the meeting point of the clients and the traffic situation at that time.

I, a professional guide - driver, will arrive, meet clients, conduct an interesting car tour and deliver them back to their destination.

The tour includes an overview of the buildings and structures of seven famous architectural complexes: 



No 1.  Business and Residential 

The skyscraper building on Red Gate Square is one of the most difficult to build. The construction of this skyscraper on the allocated plot of land was not possible due to the metro station and weak ground. The skyscraper was intended for the Ministry of Railways (Mintransstroy USSR). 

Skyscraper - 138 meter.     Architects:

Alexey Dushkin, Boris Mezentsev 


No 2.  Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

The skyscraper building on Smolenskaya Square has become the largest experimental construction site in the USSR. A spire is installed on the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the only one without Soviet star, but facade of skyscraper continues to be decorated with the coat of arms of the Soviet Union.

Skyscraper - 172 meter.     Architects:

Vladimir Gelfreikh, Mikhail Minkus


No 3Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya 

The smallest skyscraper of the Seven Sisters is the Leningradskaya Hotel. Medieval tower in the original new, Soviet "Gothic" style, very expensive finishes and majestic decoration. An architectural masterpiece on the Three Stations Square (common name).  

Skyscraper - 136 meter.     Architects:

Leonid Polyakov, Alexander Boretsky  


No 4Radisson Collection Moscow Hotel 

The skyscraper of the hotel "Ukraine" - the front lobby of Moscow. The skyscraper "opens" one of the main highways - Kutuzovsky Prospekt. "... In terms of the richness and character of the architectural composition, this is not only the image of a hotel - it is a monument to the greatness of the Stalin era ..."  

Skyscraper - 136 meter.     Architects:

V. Oltarzhevsky, A. Mordvinov


No 5Business and Residential

The skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya embankment is a new concept of luxury housing, space and success. A symbol of luxury, well-being and the special status of residents. The palace should symbolize a new stage of a better life for all of Moscow and determine the vector of urban development in Russia. 

Skyscraper - 176 meter.     Architects:

Dmitry Chechulin, Andrey Rostkovsky


No 6Business and Residential 

The skyscraper on Kudrinskaya Square became the epitome of elite real estate of that time. The house on Kudrinskaya Square has become one of the two skyscrapers completely given over to residential apartments. The house has implemented a new concept of a closed ecosystem for residents.

Skyscraper - 156 meter.     Architects:

Mikhail Posokhin, Ashot Mndoyants


No 7.  Main building of Moscow State University 

The skyscraper of the country's main university - Moscow State University. The Palace of Science was built by the whole country: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, and others. The tallest, largest and most recognizable complex of buildings in the world from the Seven Sisters of Moscow.  

Skyscraper - 240 meter.     Architects:

Boris Iofan, L. Rudnev, S. Chernyshev


Skyscraper "Triumph Palace"

Skyscraper "Alcon Tower"

Skyscraper "Oruzheynyy "


Sparrow Hills

Zaryadye Park

Patriarchal bridge

Arbat bridge


Two skyscrapers - Seven Sisters

Two skyscrapers - New Skyscrapers

Cafe. Bars. Toilets. 

The tour can start on any free date and any convenient time of the day, in accordance with the free dates in the tour calendar. The minimum paid tour time is 6 (six) hours. The tour can always be extended, shortened or completed. Day and night excursions are equally accessible and interesting in their own way. The tour can be accompanied by a video and photo session in any places accessible and permitted for them. 


Clients are offered a convenient sequence of viewing and visiting sights and architectural complexes.

A car city tour can start on any free date, in accordance with the excurtion calendar. The minimum paid excurtion time is 6 (six) hours. The excurtion can always be extended, shortened or completed. Daytime and evening excurtions are equally accessible, interesting and exciting.


Skoda Kodiaq - base car of the tour. Comfortable crossover for a maximum number of passengers 4 people, including children.

Mercedes S-Class - optional excursion car. Premium sedan for a maximum of 3 passengers, including children. By prior order and 100% prepayment of the tour. 

Client's car - an optional excursion car at the request of the client. At the request and coordination of the features of the service with the client. The car must be in good technical condition for a maximum of 3 or 4 passengers, including children. I can act as a tour guide and driver. 


City car tour can be conducted in Russian and English.

I, the tour guide and driver, can also act as an interpreter.

It is possible to conduct a car tour in other foreign languages by prior agreement. 


Excursion / tour can be paid by bank card on the invoice.

Upon registration, you must make an advance payment of 50 USD.

The second part must be paid before the start of the excursion / tour.



The cost of the tour includes the client's expenses related to car parking during the tour. The cost of the tour includes the client's expenses associated with entrance tickets to attractions with paid entrance.   


Early booking and payment allow you to reduce the cost of the tour from 10% to 20% of the total cost of the tour. Book a planned excursion or tour at convenient dates and times at a guaranteed low price.

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