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Two-day car tour around the cities of the Russian Golden Ring.


Sergiev Posad - Pereslavl-Zalessky - Rostov the Great - Ivanovo - Suzdal - Vladimir 


Sightseeing tours, walks and acquaintance with the sights and historical past of the treasury of the Russian World.

Sightseeing car and walking tours of the historical part of the cities, excursions with visits to the main attractions and museum complexes.

Visiting temples, churches, museums, galleries, exhibitions, refectories and memorable places of the white stone architecture of Ancient Rus'.

Excursions in the treasury of Russian history and original culture, in the unique cities of the  Russian Golden Ring .

I accompany all the sights I visit with a narrative guided by the official, historical chronology of dates, events, time of creation and existence, as well as a story about their significant role in the history of the state, their importance in the present and future.  

The excursion program in cathedrals, temples, monasteries, museums may include (at the request of clients) the accompaniment of local guides and curators, with their official storytelling, stories about buildings and structures in religious, Orthodox connotations and the chronology of events. Tours to third parties are prohibited on the territory of these historical sites. Therefore, two tour guides will be able to accompany clients, tell and answer questions, and excursions can be more interesting and entertaining. 

I'll do my best to create a good mood and friendly atmosphere. 

I'll tell and answer in detail the questions of clients. 

I'll try to leave pleasant impressions about the cities of the Russian Golden Ring, about their history and create pleasant memories in the future on an exciting 2-day tour.



The two-day tour of the cities of the Russian Golden Ring  begins with its main city,

The Capital of the Russian World - Moscow. Brief sightseeing tour. 

Vladimir Monomakh Great

Yury Dolgoruky

Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Pereyaslav Road


Car tour to Sergiev Posad - the capital of Russian Orthodoxy and the Spiritual Heart of the Russian Orthodox Church. The tour includes a short sightseeing tour of the city and a long tour of the Holy Trinity  St. Sergius Lavra.

The program of the sightseeing tour of the city has a car and a small part on foot, while sightseeing around the walls and towers of the Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra. Having passed through the centuries, Sergiev Posad has been and remains inextricably linked with the Lavra - with the Trinity Monastery, founded by St. Sergius of Radonezh. Acquaintance with the city, with a long history in different periods, with its present status and position, with its prospects for the foreseeable future.

A comparative image of the city of Sergiev Posad is a city-museum, a tourist Mecca and the "Russian Vatican". 


Provincial medieval town. Pereslavl Kremlin and golden domes of temples. 

Small Homeland and the birthplace of Alexander Nevsky.

The Transfiguration Cathedral, consecrated in 1157, was founded by Yuri Dolgoruky and completed the construction of the temple by his son Andrei Bogolyubsky - the Holy Russian Orthodox Church.

The program of the sightseeing tour of the city has a car and a small part on foot, while visiting the sights of one of the largest tourist centers of the Russian Golden Ring.


City-museum under the open sky. A small town with more than a thousand years of history. One of the oldest cities in Russia and in the main eight cities of the Russian Golden Ring.

The program of the sightseeing tour of the city has a car part and a small part on foot, while visiting historical sights and unique architectural monuments.



Relatively young city, founded in 1871, among the oldest cities of the Russian Golden Ring. The cultural, historical and administrative center of the Ivanovo region is located on the banks of the Uvodi River.

City of brides and weavers. The capital of constructivism and the main calico edge of the country. Variety of temples and museums. Popular center of tourism.

The program of the sightseeing tour of the city has a car part and a small part on foot, while visiting historical sights and unique architectural monuments..


City-museum of Russian fairy tales, epics and legends. The oldest masterpieces of the white stone architecture of Suzdal are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The capital of the principality since 1125 and the residence of Yuri Dolgoruky. The administrative capital of the Russian Golden Ring and the most popular tourist route.

Sightseeing car tour of the city and walking part with a tour and a visit to ancient and historical masterpieces.


The car tour and walking tours in Vladimir - the capital of the Grand Duchy of Vladimir in the XII-XIV centuries. One of the largest tourist centers in the European part of Russia.

Excursions in the treasury of Russian history and original culture, in the unique Vladimir-Suzdal nature reserve.



The city of rest stop for the night is scheduled Rostov the Great. Changes and adjustments are possible, depending on the start time of the tour, departure from Moscow, road traffic and the wishes of customers.  

Hotels are not included in the tour price and are paid by clients..

The client can choose a classification, choose a hotel and reserve a room, both independently, and I'm always ready to resolve this issue.

I can always provide more detailed information about hotel offers, classification, cost, services, meals and options, as well.   


Sergiev Posad.  Lunch in the Refectory of the Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra. 

Rostov the Great.  Dinner and breakfast in one of the local restaurants, menu at will and according to the taste preferences of customers.

Suzdal.  Russian national cuisine with the famous, magical Suzdal mead. Restaurants according to the standards of the best world level, European delicacies, cuisine, national cuisines and wines of France, Italy, Germany in the fabulous Russian "Hollywood" with monasteries, fortresses, temples. 

Vladimir.  Viennese coffee shop "Coffeeshop Company" in Vladimir on Bolshaya Moskovskaya street. Authentic Viennese coffee, gourmet desserts and attentive staff.  




The tour can start and end at any point and anywhere in Moscow, Moscow region, at any Moscow airport, at any Moscow railway station, at any bus station and river port, at the request of customers.


I'll arrive, meet clients, conduct an interesting car tour and deliver them back to their destination. 

I'll deliver you back to Moscow at your destination, as well as to any other point in the Moscow region, any airport, any railway station or bus station.

I'll accompany clients, help with luggage and check-in. Until the moment of parting, clients will be surrounded by my care and attention.

The fascinating tour with my accompaniment will pass quickly. On the way, interesting stories ans legends await customers in a wonderful friendly atmosphere. 


The tour can start on any free date and morning hours (07:00 - 08:00). Adjustments are also possible in accordance with the capabilities and wishes of customers and in accordance with the excursion calendar.

The tour is expected to be a full two days and one night.  There is no charge for additional tour time. The tour can always be extended, shortened or completed. The tour can be accompanied by a video and photo session in any places accessible and permitted for them.


The path (route between cities and sightseeing car tours in cities) and the approximate mileage of the entire tour is 700 km.

MOSCOW 50 km.

Sergiev Posad 70 km.

Pereslavl-Zalessky 70 km.

Rostov the Great 130 km.

Ivanovo 80 km.

Suzdal 40 km.

Vladimir 180 km.

MOSCOW 30 km.


Planned and unplanned green parking: Toilets / Cafe / Rest / Promenade.

Gas stations & Some attractions.


Skoda Kodiaq - base car of the tour. Comfortable crossover for a maximum number of passengers 4 people, including children.

Mercedes S-Class - optional excursion car. Premium sedan for a maximum of 3 passengers, including children. By prior order and 100% prepayment of the tour. 

Client's car - an optional excursion car at the request of the client. At the request and coordination of the features of the service with the client. The car must be in good technical condition for a maximum of 3 or 4 passengers, including children. I can act as a tour guide and driver.

 At the request of customers and prior agreement, other cars can be used, from Premium Class to a Minivan / Minibus. The cost (price) of tours and excursions depends on the classification, brand, model and equipment of the car.

All cars have air conditioning or climate control, a first aid kit, a child seat, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, chargers for phones, tablets and laptops, a couple of warm blankets and comfortable pillows. Cars are equipped with mineral water with and without gas (refrigerator bag), hot coffee (in a thermos) with chocolate and sweets, sandwiches and snacks for a snack, dry/wet wipes and towels, background music to taste, a comfortable lounge and a friendly atmosphere.


The car tour can be conducted in Russian and English.

I, the tour guide and driver, can also act as an interpreter.

It is possible to conduct a car tour in other foreign languages by prior agreement. 


Excursion / tour can be paid by bank card on the invoice.

Upon registration, you must make an advance payment of 100 USD.

The second part must be paid before the start of the excursion / tour. 


The cost of the tour includes the client's expenses related to car parking during the tour. The cost of the tour includes the client's expenses associated with entrance tickets to attractions with paid entrance.   

The cost of the tour and excursions does not include expenses in restaurants, cafes and refectories, and does not include expenses for souvenirs and gifts.

The cost of the tour does not include the client's expenses related to the hotel and restaurants. The cost of living depends on the day of the week and time of day. 


Early booking and payment allow you to reduce the cost of the tour from 10% to 20% of the total cost of the tour. Book a planned excursion or tour at convenient dates and times at a guaranteed low price.

Series:  Russian Golden Ring

The Golden Ring, without end and without edge, the crown with crown, shining with a diamond and the main thing in it, Moscow is golden, holy in everything, my native state. 



Fascinating car tours around the cities of the Russian Golden Ring with an English-speaking guide are a great choice for outdoor activities.

Meetings with the historical past of White Stone Russia. The beauty and grandeur of the monuments of Russian antiquity. 


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Excursions of new projects and series


Excursions at an inexpensive price 


- 20%

Planned excursions or tours at convenient dates and times at a guaranteed low price.


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Planned excursions or tours at convenient dates and times at a guaranteed low price.


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Planned excursions or tours at convenient dates and times at a guaranteed low price.