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Car tour to Sergiev Posad - the capital of Russian Orthodoxy and the Spiritual Heart of the Russian Orthodox Church. The tour includes a short sightseeing tour of the city and a long tour of the Holy Trinity  St. Sergius Lavra.

The program of the sightseeing tour of the city has a car and a small part on foot, while sightseeing around the walls and towers of the Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra. Having passed through the centuries, Sergiev Posad has been and remains inextricably linked with the Lavra - with the Trinity Monastery, founded by St. Sergius of Radonezh. Acquaintance with the city, with a long history in different periods, with its present status and position, with its prospects for the foreseeable future.

A comparative image of the city of Sergiev Posad is a city-museum, a tourist Mecca and the "Russian Vatican".

The Holy Trinity Sergius St. Lavra is the largest male stauropegial monastery of the Russian Orthodox Church, located in Sergiev Posad, the spiritual heart of Russia, with its unique liturgical traditions, singing, library and centuries-old monastic succession.

The Holy Trinity Sergius St. Lavra is a historical architectural masterpiece of the monastery - fortress, which is surrounded by fortress walls with eleven towers - churches and a unique entrance group with a gate church. The complex of the modern Lavra includes more than fifty buildings and structures. Shrines, cathedrals, temples, churches, chapels, monasteries, academies, seminaries, refectories, museums within the walls of the capital of Russian Orthodoxy.

The excursion program within the walls of the Lavra includes the accompaniment of a local guide and his narration about history, about buildings and structures in a religious, official Orthodox connotation. On the territory of the Lavra it is forbidden to conduct independent excursions to third parties.

Therefore, two guides will accompany, tell and answer questions from customers, and the tour will be more interesting and entertaining.

I will do my best to create a good mood and friendly atmosphere. I will tell and answer in detail the questions of clients, I will try to leave pleasant impressions about Sergiev Posad, about its centuries-old history and create good memories in the future about an interesting tour to the Russian Spiritual Heart and to the Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra.


The tour can start and end at any point and anywhere in Moscow, Moscow region, at any Moscow airport, at any Moscow railway station, at any bus station and river port, at the request of customers.

I, a professional guide - driver, will arrive, meet clients, conduct an interesting car tour and deliver them back to their destination.

The tour includes overview, visits and short walks: 


Belfry (1741 - 1770)

Trinity Cathedral (1422 - 1423)

Assumption Cathedral (1559 - 1585)

Assumption well (1644)

Temple of Prpp. Zosima and Savvaty of Solovetsky

Church Over the Gate of John the Baptist

Mikheev Church (1734)

Tent church (1635 - 1638)

Church - belfry

Fortress chamber (XVI - XVII centuries)

Refectory Church (1686 - 1692)


Temple of Prpp. Sergius of Radonezh

Church of St. Micah of Radonezh

Fortified walls with towers

Theological Academy (1814)

Church of the Smolensk Icon of Our Lady

Church of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God

Five-domed gate temple

royal halls

Overhead chapel

The building of the Metropolitan chambers

Cemetery of the Chernigov Skete

Monasteries and sketes

Museums and courtyards

Souvenir shops and shops

Restaurants and coffee shops


The tour excursion can start on any free date and morning hours (08:00 - 10:00). The start of the tour depends on the number of sights of the Lavra that are planned to be seen and visited, on the service (timetable of services and rituals), on the day of the week (on weekends and holidays, there are always a large number of visitors and pilgrims) and in accordance with the excursion calendar.

The minimum paid tour time is 8 (eight) hours. The tour can always be extended, shortened or completed. The tour can be accompanied by a video and photo session in any places accessible and permitted for them.


Skoda Kodiaq - base car of the tour. Comfortable crossover for a maximum number of passengers 4 people, including children.

Mercedes S-Class - optional excursion car. Premium sedan for a maximum of 3 passengers, including children. By prior order and 100% prepayment of the tour. 

Client's car - an optional excursion car at the request of the client. At the request and coordination of the features of the service with the client. The car must be in good technical condition for a maximum of 3 or 4 passengers, including children. I can act as a tour guide and driver. 


City car tour can be conducted in Russian and English.

I, the tour guide and driver, can also act as an interpreter.

It is possible to conduct a car tour in other foreign languages by prior agreement. 


Excursion / tour can be paid by bank card on the invoice.

Upon registration, you must make an advance payment of 50 USD.

The second part must be paid before the start of the excursion / tour. 


The cost of the tour includes the client's expenses related to car parking during the tour. The cost of the tour includes the client's expenses associated with entrance tickets to attractions with paid entrance.   


Early booking and payment allow you to reduce the cost of the tour from 10% to 20% of the total cost of the tour. Book a planned excursion or tour at convenient dates and times at a guaranteed low price.

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